Friday, September 24, 2010

She gets worn out when she eats a lot ;)

This is at a little place called The Dish. Brody was happy we were done with lunch!!

He loves to watch Calliou (a PBS show) on our phone. He likes to hold it all by himself.

We just took a trip to Utah for a friends wedding!

Such a happy girl....obviously this is her favorite place to be :) near food!!!

She loves to roll around and try and crawl! She'll probably start crawling real soon!

We went to Atlanta with my family for Brody's birthday. We went to Stone Mountain and this is at the Children's Museum. I thought he looked so cute in that little smock.

Brody trying on our backpack for size.... It was as long as him!!!

We are all doing really good!! It is such a fun stage right now with the kids. Brody is getting so helpful with Peighton and he always wants to talk to her and he really likes to make her smile! Peighton will be 7 months next week. She weighs a good 21 pounds. She is in the 97th percentile. I could not be more proud :) We (mostly me and Brody) are excited for Halloween. Brody is going to be a fireman and Peighton is going to be a pink cat! Both are so cute! Brody keeps telling me he is going to dress like a fireman and save the fire... we're still working out the kinks in what a fireman actually does ;) I'll end with a funny Brody story... So one morning I was so tired and I told that to Brody. A little while later he comes to me and says "mommy--you're tired??" ( his voice going up at the end of his sentence so I know it is a question) I say- "yes baby I am." He says "want to take a nap?" I say, " I sure wish I could." He then says- "want to sleep in my big boy bed?" I laugh and ask him who would keep Peighton if I nap. He says, "I keep Peighton." I sure wish that could have happened. It sure was nice of him to offer. :)