Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Finally.... a video of Brody laughing...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sorry ahead of time for the long post.....I am not good at keeping this up on a regular basis....leaving a lot of updating to do and longer post.  Let's start with Brody... he is now 8 months old.  I can not even believe it... It has gone by entirely too fast.  I love the stage that he is in now though... He is so fun!! His personality just burst out of him when he hit 6 months.  He is wanting everything now.  I am no longer can eat with him in my lap... He has moved up to a high chair when we go out to eat.. the days of him sleeping in his seat are way gone.  :) He has found his voice... He talks all the time... He particularly likes to talk during sacrament. He stands on the pew looking backwards talking to whoever is behind us!! It is cute...but I do think he should be more reverent!! ;)  He is eating a lot and sleeping through the night from about 7pm to 7 am--gets up to eat and then back down for another hour.  It is nice.  He can sit up by himself and pull himself up.  He has not crawled yet... he more scoots himself around in a circle on his stomach... Much improvement from his previous backwards scoot he would do.... He got a little hemet... actually it is called a band... He has a flat spot on the left side of his head.  He will have to wear it 3 months if that...It has already helped.  We had an appointment this past Wednesday.  He has to wear it 23 hours a day... It now takes me some time to get used to when I take it off... :) When I say "mama" he looks at me and smiles really big and goes "dadadada" !!!! Not quite what I am going for... but I have come to terms that he looks just like Joey and will probably act just like Joey and will say "dada" (and mean it) first!!! 

In other news... We are doing awesome... just gearing up for another summer. Joey has been working really hard and this next summer is going to be great!!  We hired a secretary, which allows for Joey and I to be away from the office at the same time if we needed to be and allows for Brody to have a really great summer and enjoy outside.  We are really excited for that....We had one of Joey's mission companions come and visit.  We got to go to Myrtle Beach... Brody and I watched as the boys got in the 52 degree water.  Keep in mind it was barely 70 degrees outside and windy....Not your average day at the beach.  We had a lot of fun and it was nice to get away. We also met my family in Atlanta for the weekend.  It was really nice to see them and they loved to see Brody.  We went to the Aquarium.  It was actually really cool.  I think Brody was not sure what to do.....He did stare a lot.  I like to think he enjoyed it!!!  :)  
This past week was my 8 year anniversary since I joined the church.  I am grateful for this gospel and the happiness it brings into my life. I am grateful for my husband and son and for our family... the fact that we are an eternal family.  I am grateful for the change in me that happened  all because of that still small voice that let me know this gospel was true.  I will end on that note....for those of you that are still reading...  :) Here are a few pictures of us and Brody.....