Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Joey!!!!!

This past Saturday was Joey's 26th birthday.... I LOVE birthdays.... mine, other doesn't matter!!! Seeing as how his birthday lands right in the middle of our busiest time, the summer, I try and do as much as I can, while trying to fit it into our work schedule. Unfortunatley, I stole his thunder a little this year, well Brody did :) and I had a baby shower here in Monroe that morning...He was really sweet about taking over for me, doing double duty, while I went to the shower. Other than working, here is a rundown of how his day/weekend went.... Friday night I made a pie!! Yes, a pie... homemade pie crust and all...Banana Cream....Joey's choice. I took pictures because I was quite proud of myself. We also went to dinner that night(Joey's choice). On his actual birthday, I got up and made him german pancakes for breakfast and then that night we had our friends over and grilled brats and burgers and had birthday cake and opened some presents! It was a lot of fun!!!

So....Happy Birthday Babe!! I hope you had a great day!! You deserve it! You are such a hard worker and driven by ambition. You are a motivating force in my life to be better and I am forever grateful for that!!! I love you so much and am truly blessed to be married to you. I'm grateful for you and the times we have together. We are always laughing and lovin life 24/7.... ;) Thank you for being the husband you are and for making this last year the so great!!!!

Love you---Lauren

Here are some pictures from his birthday weekend! 1)The pie   2)birthday breakfast  3) Joey and some of the guys  4) us at the birthday party

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Teach Them While They're Young

I wanted to share my first purchase for Brody with you all. Go Cougars!!! -Joey

Monday, June 16, 2008

A Tiny Toone Update!!!

I know I just posted, but I thought.... what the heck...I'll post again...So,I hate pictures of myself these days!!! Which is why mine and the cameras relationship has drastically decreased!! However, I understand belly updates are needed and before Brody comes would be preferable. So here you go!! Tiny Toone is doing great!! He is just growing and kicking and loving life 24/7!! He kicks a lot... and seems to be quite fond of my rib cage and organs. Which PS... they don't really have much of a place to go. I now have about 6.5 weeks left and counting!! I have not been too uncomfortable, but am really ready to meet him! :) I went to MS this past weekend and had a baby shower! Brody got lots of cute things and we are almost set with all that we need! I will post pictures when I get the nursery goal is to be done by July 1st!! (I heard all those "yeah rights")

As far as other news goes, bugs are dying and customers are happy!!! :) Really though.. we are doing awesome!! We are lucky to have the group of guys down here that we do... Joey has been having a lot of fun with them on the weekends, paintballing (with and without shirts), golfing, and barbecuing! They sure are lucky to have such a great boss!! I have also posted a picture of one of our Moxie trucks with 2 of our technicians for veiwing pleasure! We have a strict diet we keep them on to ensure their sleek physiques. It benefits us because they can get into smaller cracks and crevices!!!

On other news, life outside pest control is going great as well. We have gotten to know a lot more people and that makes our weekends fun! Joey was recently called as the Young Mens President and I got called as the 2nd Counselor in Primary, so we both stay pretty busy with our responsibilites! I had to fill in to lead the music one Sunday and realizing I do not know any primary songs, got Joey to fill in for me... It was funny! He is really good at Book of Mormon Stories!! I wish I had a video camera... I do think he added a few extra moves... but it was great... the kids didn't even notice!

Speaking of kids, some other great news is that Storey and Ben, Joey's sister and Brother-in-law, just adopted a handsome little boy...Brooks Jorgensen.. He is so stinking cute and has a head full of hair! We can't wait to meet him in October when we are back in Utah for a visit. I think Brooks and Brody will be great friends!

So that about sums up the 2 month gap in my posting!! :) As we say in the South....Byyyyyyyyyyyye!!!!!