Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Well, if you are wondering about the 2 above posted pictures, it sums up our weekend :) On Friday, I got one of my random pregnancy cravings and cooked some Velveeta Shells and Cheese and some sausage!!! Despite the description, is was quite delicious!!!! Joey thought this was a sight to see, hence the picture!! Hey... it is all the baby's doing!! The second picture is of Joey studying... Look closely and you may see Elder Toone or just a bug geek!! Either way... I guess he figured if he dressed the part, he would study better.  Sweet part Boo!! We spent Saturday night with some new friends we have met here, Natalie and Brian and Katie and Jeremy, at a local mexican restaurant called La Unica. It was great!!! We have been so good about not going out to eat lately, that La Unica is now on my list of top 10 favorite places to eat! Sunday was great... We went to church and then spent the next few hours with the Elders (and no Joey did not dress the part this time.) Did I mention that these were the Spanish speaking elders in our ward? Also, that my broken Spanish did not help me much except to find the bathroom??? Really though, it was such a cool experience.  We went to 3 discussions with them that night.  Joey's Spanish is great and it has been fun to see him in missionary mode.  We are having a great time out here and have met so many nice people.  I will leave you on a little funny note.  So Joey talks to our son...via my stomach.... about what all he will be when he comes out and  grows up.   One of his many talents will be that he will be a pro skateboarder like Ryan Sheckler... except when he was telling him, he said Ryan Seacrest instead of Sheckler.... Ooops!!  Same thing right??? Now when he talks to our son after he says I love you, I make him leave with Seacrest out!!!! Miss and love you all!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Here is the requested picture of the house.  As the lawn illustrates we are in a bit of a drought here in North Carolina.  When we turned our water on at the Monroe City Building they let us know we would be fined if we were caught watering our lawn or washing our cars.  Hey, if it doesn't get watered it can't grow, and if it doesn't grow, it doesn't need to be cut.  

We made it to Charlotte and we couldn’t be better.  First off I say Charlotte because it’s a city most people recognize but we actually live in the city of Monroe. We technically are 20 minutes away from downtown Charlotte. Let me know if you want our physical address, I'll shoot you an email.  We left Sunday the 24th of February at 5a.m. and drove our 26ft truck and car trailer 15 hours across the country and spent the first night in St. Joseph Missouri.  The next morning we drove another 12 hours to make it to Mississippi in time for dinner (otherwise known as supper).  Dinner is a pretty big deal especially when Laurens mom is making her famous red beans and rice.  We spent Tuesday through Thursday with Laurens family and enjoyed some much needed relaxation and fun.  Friday we hesitantly climbed back into our traveling beast and started our 12 hour journey to Monroe.  We spent the night in a hotel and woke up Saturday morning to start moving into our new residence.  We had plenty of help moving in, all which included Laurens two cousins from the ATL and 12 men from the Monroe ward.  We had everything out of the truck and into its assigned room in 30 minutes.  Lauren and I didn’t lift a single box, seeing as how we were more useful directing the 14 helpers we had.  We couldn’t have received a better, more appreciated welcome. 

Approaching 2 weeks here things are awesome and feeling more and more like home everyday.  We miss friends and family but are also enjoying the time to ourselves.  Especially considering that will be a thing of the past come August 6th!!  Lauren is getting to where people actually believe she is pregnant if she turns to the side and sticks here belly out.  I am loving the weather and have been able to use my new Christmas clubs!!! 

Well we got this to keep people updated on how things are out here and also to post pictues so I’ll post a small time line to catch people up on the last 8 or 9 months and post plenty of pics.  Enjoy and we love and miss y’all!!  That’s right I said y’all, and I’m fixin ta keep using it too!!   

July 21st 2007 Married in SLC Temple

Sept 2007 Moved into a home in Lehi

Dec 2007  Scooter, R.I.P.

Dec 13th 2007 Lauren found out she is expecting

Feb 22nd 2008 We found out Lauren is having a BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 24th 2008 Left for Monroe, NC

March 1st 2008 Arrived in NC