Friday, September 24, 2010

She gets worn out when she eats a lot ;)

This is at a little place called The Dish. Brody was happy we were done with lunch!!

He loves to watch Calliou (a PBS show) on our phone. He likes to hold it all by himself.

We just took a trip to Utah for a friends wedding!

Such a happy girl....obviously this is her favorite place to be :) near food!!!

She loves to roll around and try and crawl! She'll probably start crawling real soon!

We went to Atlanta with my family for Brody's birthday. We went to Stone Mountain and this is at the Children's Museum. I thought he looked so cute in that little smock.

Brody trying on our backpack for size.... It was as long as him!!!

We are all doing really good!! It is such a fun stage right now with the kids. Brody is getting so helpful with Peighton and he always wants to talk to her and he really likes to make her smile! Peighton will be 7 months next week. She weighs a good 21 pounds. She is in the 97th percentile. I could not be more proud :) We (mostly me and Brody) are excited for Halloween. Brody is going to be a fireman and Peighton is going to be a pink cat! Both are so cute! Brody keeps telling me he is going to dress like a fireman and save the fire... we're still working out the kinks in what a fireman actually does ;) I'll end with a funny Brody story... So one morning I was so tired and I told that to Brody. A little while later he comes to me and says "mommy--you're tired??" ( his voice going up at the end of his sentence so I know it is a question) I say- "yes baby I am." He says "want to take a nap?" I say, " I sure wish I could." He then says- "want to sleep in my big boy bed?" I laugh and ask him who would keep Peighton if I nap. He says, "I keep Peighton." I sure wish that could have happened. It sure was nice of him to offer. :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Peighton at 4 1/2 months old in her 9 month old swimsuit!!! She is loving life!

Smiling at mom!!!

Brody picked out his favorite hat! I think pink is a nice color on him

Peighton just waking up from a little nap in the swing.

Brody in his super cool shades!

Peighton's model pose-look at her rolls!! I think winter will be her most flattering season :)

Brody in Florida about to head out for a dive

Cutest little girl ever!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Days of Summer

I am so happy that summer is here!!! We have a pool in our neighborhood that I take the kids to most days. It has a little kid pool with little waterfalls and Brody is able to walk around and play in the water. He is getting so good in the pool. We started out playing outside the pool with toys and now he loves to play in the water with his toys. Peighton loves the water too. She will sit with me in the water for a good 45 minutes and then she gets tired and I feed her and she goes to sleep in the shade! It is really a good set up!!

We went to Florida with my family the beginning of June for a week. We had a blast and it was so nice to be able to relax and enjoy the beach. Brody loved the sand..not so much the waves.... Joey and I went sea kayaking. That was really fun. We took Brody to a dolphin show and he loved it. He still tells me at least once a day about that dolphin show and how he saw sea lions!! It was nice to get to see my family and spend time with them. I will post those pictures soon.
That about catches you up on us so far this summer. I had a little photo shoot with the kids one afternoon after the pool and naps and we got some pretty cute pictures! Brody is getting so big and loves to smile for pictures now. Peighton is growing like crazy and is just a cute, happy little girl!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

We decided to bless Peighton out here instead of back in Utah. My mom, sister, and little niece, (my dad was out of town) and Joey's parents were all here! We were so happy to have everyone was able to come and it was extra special to be able to be with both of our moms on Mother's Day. It was a such a great gift to hear Joey give her a blessing on my first Mother's Day with her. The blessing was so beautiful and she looked so pretty. Thank you Storey for letting us borrow your dress! :)
Peighton is just talking and cooing like crazy and is getting so strong. She can sit propped up on the couch. She now plays with and tries to grab things in front of her. She is just the sweetest little girl! At her 2 month appt. she weighed 12 lbs. 5 oz. So she is moving right into 6 month clothes, just like every other 2 and a half month old. :) Brody now talks to me in full sentences. It is so neat to watch him grow and watch him put words together to make a sentence. He really is catching on to a lot. Our neighbors gave him a plastic slide that they are not using anymore and he loves it! He has figured out he likes skateboards and can sit on it and roll. His new favorite thing is a soft t-ball stand with a bat and a ball (thank you Meme). He can put the ball on the top and hit it off and says "home run" haha!!
Well that catches you up on the kids!!! Joey and I are doing awesome too! He is busy with work, which is good and is on a softball team. He loves being able to get out and play. I am enjoying running again. I must say it is a little harder pushing 2... but I am glad I get to run. Joey got me an exercise bike for Mother's Day and I really have enjoyed having it. It is nice to mix it up!
Hope you like the new pictures.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Latest.....

Excuse the double chin ;)-I really like the picture

Peighton with Carson who is a week older.

Brody in some super cool bunny shades

Smiling by our back door-one of my favorites

Happy Girl!!!!

Things are going so great here! Peighton weighed in at a plump 10 lbs. 7 oz. at her 1 month... we go back for her 2 month this coming week. She is super happy and cooing a ton! She now likes to play with dangly toys. It is so fun to watch her grow. She is so sweet and it is great to wake up to her smile. Brody is doing wonderful too. He can sing his ABC's now and recognizes over half of the letters. He is now on this big "I go do it" kick... Ex.. Peighton starts crying and Brody says "Peighton crying....I go get her." It is really cute! He loves her a lot and she smiles when he starts talking to her. Another funny note on the "poopisodes" (see proir post if reading this for the first time) so it happened again... same reaction. This time I am getting him ready for bed and I am telling him it's ok and I ask him if he was scared of the poop and he starts saying "nice poop" and I say "yeah, it was" and basically from there try and tell him he does not need to be scared of it... He then says "Momma scared of poop." I laugh and say "oh you think...I think Brody was scared of poop, not mom." Well, apparantly he remembers the scenario a different way because he says "mom scared of poop" everywhere.... Wal-Mart, the name a few. He says it loud too...I just laugh and say baby we need to whisper that... :) He makes me laugh a lot and he really is funny. After 2 months of being a mom of 2 now, I feel like we are all adjusted and in a pretty good little routine. We are all doing really well and just having a blast the four of us. :) Hope you like the new pictures!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Funny Story......

So the other, Joey and the kids went to Costco. We got home after 8 and usually I will just put Brody to bed and give him a bath the next morning. However, we played outside and with all the pollen and his new favorite discovery...dirt, and the spray sunscreen in his hair... he needed a bath before bed. So..picture this.... I have both the kids in the bathroom...Brody is in the bath, bathed and with shampoo in his hair and Peighton is in her bouncy seat. She decides that she wants to eat right then, so I start feeding her and Brody is just playing with his toys. Meanwhile, Joey is unloading the car. All of a sudden, I look down and Brody has pooped in the bath tub and is yelling and crying. I yell to Joey to come and get Brody because he pooped and is scared of it.... I mean... I am not sure why he was scared, but he sure was!!! Joey gets him out, takes him to the sink to finish washing his hair and then takes him to his room to get him dressed!! I get done feeding Peighton and go to Brody's room and right at that moment, Joey has Brody standing up drying him off and what happens.... he starts peeing all over Joey. We start laughing so hard. Brody starts crying again....It was a perfect ending to the whole situation. We were having one of those great parenting moments. I am pretty sure I have it written down somewhere in response to the question what will you be doing in 10 years after high school and I said cleaning poop out of the bath tub and pee out of the carpet!! ;) Family is what makes this life better and strangely enough, I love having crazy moments like that!! Well....maybe not JUST like that.... :)

Everything else is going great! Peighton will be 5 weeks tomorrow and is growing a ton. She has moved out of that brand new baby stage and is really filling out!! She is awake a lot more and smiling a ton. Brody is still doing great with her. He loves to play in the park and go down the slide and swing!!
Here are a few new pictures! There are some new ones along the side of the blog as well. We will have a picture of the four of us soon! :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

2 weeks and counting!!

Peighton is just over 2 weeks now and is doing so good!!! She is eating like a champ and was back to her birth weight by the end of the first week. She is a lot like Brody and is a pretty chill baby. She is sleeping about 3-4 hours at a time... Brody is doing great as well. He has not been jealous of her at all. Half the time he is in his own little world... He comes up to her and says "hi Peighton" and "love you Peighton" and likes to point out all her features...his favorite being her eyes :) He has been great through this whole transition. Ever since we got home, Brody has seemed so big to me. Not just size wise, but overall... He is really getting to be such a little toddler. He says everything you say. He tries to sing his ABC's and can almost count to 10.... He leaves out 3,4, and 7...but hey...we are almost there.... He runs all around the house. He has gotten really fast too. He now has 8 teeth and a few more coming through... My little toothless wonder is really turning out to be a real kid ;) He genuinely makes me laugh most of the day. Here are a few more pictures of Peighton and couple of Brody.