Friday, June 12, 2009

Crawling, our 1st pool trip, and some oldies but cuties!!!

Where to start... It is like we have a different baby!!!! So much has happened!!!

 Well the summer is our busiest time as most of you know....and it sure has not let us down.  Joey has been super busy, but things are going great!!! Brody is doing fantastic too!!! He is crawling now... well half crawl-half monkey walk.... ( just take a look at the video) It gets him from place to place...pretty quick too!!! He gets his little band off on June 29th and he will have a perfectly little round head.  We are really excited about that...I am worried that he is going to hit his head hard without it though...he has gotten used to the cushion I think :) He pulls up on anything he can and likes to walk along the couch or table. He is so full of personality and is such a happy little guy!! He laughs a  lot and loves Elmo...or "mo" as he says.  He says "momma" and "dadda" a lot and knows his name really well.  He holds up a ball and says "ba."  He says that with a lot of other things too, but I like to think he knows ball :) He weighs 22 pounds and is in 18 month clothes.  He is a big boy.  
We got to meet my family in Arizona for a week.  It was great!! Nice to get away.  Brody got to experience the pool for the first time.  The first day he was not quite sure what to think... He definitely knew he was not in a big bath tub, but he was ok.  Day two through the rest of the week he loved it.  By the end, he was splashing around and playing with the ball in the water.  
Well, that gives you a brief update of what we have been up to.  The first few pictures are new and then there are a few funny and cute older pictures that never got posted!!