Friday, April 9, 2010

Funny Story......

So the other, Joey and the kids went to Costco. We got home after 8 and usually I will just put Brody to bed and give him a bath the next morning. However, we played outside and with all the pollen and his new favorite discovery...dirt, and the spray sunscreen in his hair... he needed a bath before bed. So..picture this.... I have both the kids in the bathroom...Brody is in the bath, bathed and with shampoo in his hair and Peighton is in her bouncy seat. She decides that she wants to eat right then, so I start feeding her and Brody is just playing with his toys. Meanwhile, Joey is unloading the car. All of a sudden, I look down and Brody has pooped in the bath tub and is yelling and crying. I yell to Joey to come and get Brody because he pooped and is scared of it.... I mean... I am not sure why he was scared, but he sure was!!! Joey gets him out, takes him to the sink to finish washing his hair and then takes him to his room to get him dressed!! I get done feeding Peighton and go to Brody's room and right at that moment, Joey has Brody standing up drying him off and what happens.... he starts peeing all over Joey. We start laughing so hard. Brody starts crying again....It was a perfect ending to the whole situation. We were having one of those great parenting moments. I am pretty sure I have it written down somewhere in response to the question what will you be doing in 10 years after high school and I said cleaning poop out of the bath tub and pee out of the carpet!! ;) Family is what makes this life better and strangely enough, I love having crazy moments like that!! Well....maybe not JUST like that.... :)

Everything else is going great! Peighton will be 5 weeks tomorrow and is growing a ton. She has moved out of that brand new baby stage and is really filling out!! She is awake a lot more and smiling a ton. Brody is still doing great with her. He loves to play in the park and go down the slide and swing!!
Here are a few new pictures! There are some new ones along the side of the blog as well. We will have a picture of the four of us soon! :)