Thursday, March 24, 2011

Yes, we are still alive!!

After the Charlotte Half Marathon

Not the best of me... but having fun playing in the snow at our house

Just thought this was cute of Brody and Peighton doing the same thing :)

1st Birthday-spotting the cake

Brody played on the "basketball floor" and jumped in all the puddles on a rainy day

Say Cheese
Christmas Eve 2010- a little blurry, sorry! (couldn't figure out how to delete it :))

Picnic at the Park

Joey and Brody- Charleston
Joey and Peighton- Leatherwood Mountains

Mountains again-Brody is loving life with his mittens

Attempt at a family picture in the mountains after taking Brody fishing

Family Picture 2010

Delicious Burger place in Chicago- Billy Goat Tavern

Halloween 2010

1st Birthday- just getting started
And....done-getting cleaned off before the bath!

Since my last post was in September, (insert shame face) there is a lot that has gone on. I had my 28th birthday,we visited Chicago in October, spent Thanksgiving in the mountains and in Charleston, I ran 2 half marathons, spent Christmas in Mississippi, rang in the new year around 10 pm, celebrated Peighton's 1st birthday and currently, just enjoying the amazing weather here in North Carolina.
We are all doing so good. Brody is getting bigger and bigger. He has such an imagination and talks your head off. He is just starting potty training and did awesome, then got sick... so it is on hold for a few days. Hopefully we will get going on that again real soon. He loves to run and play outside. Thinks "Tow-Mater" and daddy are his best friends, rides the skateboard on his belly and has a new found love for bowling and golf. The movie Cars is his favorite.. he tells me he is "a one man show", which is a line from that movie. He is so much fun and is such a good boy. Peighton is going to miss center of attention. She loves the spotlight and will make herself laugh so hard to get you to look at her and smile. She is the happiest little girl. She is a pro crawler and is taking a few steps by herself, but she wants to walk so bad. I bet she will be there soon. She is a big girl. 24 and a half pounds of cuteness. She can say "mama" and "daddy" and "alice" (which is a song we sing) and "uh-oh" she loves to wave and snuggle, give kisses and hugs. She jabbers all day long. She is trying to talk to us and tell us stories. She will talk and then laugh... whatever she is trying to say, she thinks is so funny. I can not believe she is already one. We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful family. We are having so much fun and really enjoying life :)
Get ready for a little picture overload!!!


ChelsieWatts said...

Miss you so much. You are just the cutest and have the cutest little family I can't get over it. I hope I get to see you soon, I need to squeeze your kiddos!! Love you!

The JorgenBlog said...

Hallelujah! You finally posted and I really want to give Peighton some loves, I may need to build up some arm muscles but the next time I see her she is getting some serious Aunt Storey lovies. The kids are so cute I really hate that they are so far away from Brooks and Esme. Miss you guys just think of me pregnant doing the running man and you will get a warm feeling and not miss me so much. Keep the updates coming!

Annie said...

Oh they are the sweetest! I just want to squeeze that chubby little Peighton! Miss you!

Cortney and Trevor Wortley said...

So so cute! I want to come to North Carolina!