Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Good and The Bad

The Bad

I guess it is customary to start out with the bad... go ahead and get it out there and end on a positive, right? For those of you that did not know, about 2 months ago we found out I was pregnant with our 3rd child. I know... I was a little behind on blogging. Surprise, surprise!?! Well, this past Monday I was having a little spotting and went to the doctor to get it checked out. They did an ultrasound and were unable to find a heartbeat. I would have been 12 weeks this past week. It all felt a little surreal at first. Previously, I had two easy pregnancies and deliveries and it didn't even cross my mind we would have any problems. I can look back in hindsight now and definitely see differences. (Not that it would have made it easier on that Monday). I had a procedure done on Thursday and am feeling a lot better than I did Monday thru Thursday morning. I am doing good. We are all good. We have 2 wonderful kids and will give it a little time and try again. I am blessed to have so many thoughts and prayers on my behalf. I am thankful for my husband and the comforting blessing he gave me. I know that my Heavenly Father loves me and knows of my situation. It has been nice to fully rely on Him and see the blessings that come from doing so. To end on a funny note... Brody was convinced he had a baby in his belly too. I kept trying to explain that only mommies had babies, yet he was persistent in saying he did too. So, I asked him what we were going to do with two babies... his answer was name both of the boys in our bellies Hannah. I guess the good news is, we still have Brody's baby boy named Hannah left! :)

The Good
So much good!! Peighton is running around and talking up a storm. I do think that the only time she is not talking or trying to talk is when she sleeps. (I guess I can only blame myself here... my mom says I was the same way). She and Brody play together so cute! She follows him around all day. He is sweet to her... most of the time at least. Brody is growing so much too. He is figuring out how to do so much. He is trying to learn how to ride the skateboard. He loves playing basketball and baseball. He wants to sit on a piece of wood (a bench) and watch people play soccer. He loves running and playing outside. Summer is finally starting. YAY!! I channeled my inner redneck and decided until our pool opened, I would get Brody and Peighton a blow up pool for our backyard. They love it. It is fun to see them laughing and splashing around. I have so much hope for Brody this year in the water. Also, so much fear for Peighton.... she does not have any sense of limits when it comes to water. Summer is still the busiest time for Joey. He is doing great and staying busy. His last week teaching Seminary is this next week, so his mornings won't start so, so early anymore. As for me, I am thrilled summer is here and the pool opens this week. AHH! My favorite time of year. Just thrilled!! that is about all I have to say! :) Enjoy some pictures!!!


Tiffanyrose said...

Lauren I am so so sorry that you had to suffer through that! You are such a good mama to be able to see through everything and focus on your blessings.

erin said...

Oh Lauren. My heart breaks for you guys. I'm so sorry. We love you guys. You have such an amazing positive attitude about things. That's wonderful.

Morgan said...

I'm so sorry honey :( I had one too a while back. Not nearly as far in as you were, so it must have been much more difficult for you...You have such a great attitude though! Sometimes that's all you can do. I really am sorry though.

The Mrs. said...

You just let me know if you need another stash of sweets ;)
We love ya girl ;)

Kristy and Dave said...

I'm so sorry to hear your 'bad' news...that's a terrible thing to go through. But your good news was great - your kids are adorable and I can't believe how big they are getting! Maybe if we're lucky, our paths will cross in Utah again one of these days.